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photograph of Dr. David Lane

Dr. David Lane

Founder of the LASIK Cataract Centre, Dr. Lane has personally performed over 30,000 refractive surgeries. He is is well respected among his colleagues and has given many lectures about cataract surgery to other ophthalmologists.

Dr. Lane was the gold medalist in his medical school class, and placed in the 99th percentile of the qualifying American Ophthalmology Board exams (ie Dr. Lane’s qualifying exam results placed in the top 1% of North America).

To view Dr. Lane’s resume, please follow this link:

Dr. David Lane's Resume  

Our Staff:

Breanna ophthalmic assistant images

Breanna, Ophthalmic Assistant

Chelsea ophthalmic assistant images

Chelsea, Ophthalmic Assistant

Darcy reception images

Darcy, Reception

Dee  Dee office manager images

Dee Dee, Office Manager

Diana finances and pharmaceuticals images

Diana, Finances & Pharmaceuticals

Emily patient flow coordinator images

Emily, Patient Flow Coordinator

Jane ophthalmic assistant images

Jane, Ophthalmic Assistant

Jeanette ophthalmic assistant images

Jeanette, Ophthalmic Assistant

Jennifer ophthalmic assistant images

Jennifer, Ophthalmic Assistant

Kim ophthalmic assistant images

Kim, Ophthalmic Assistant

Lindsay ophthalmic assistant images

Lindsay, Ophthalmic Assistant

Meghan ophthalmic assistant images

Meghan, Ophthalmic Assistant

Natalie patient flow coordinator images

Natalie, Patient Flow Coordinator

Sarah reception images

Sarah, Reception