SLT Laser for Glaucoma

What is SLT?

SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty) is a highly effective laser therapy used for the treatment of glaucoma. This repeatable, non-invasive laser stimulates the natural drainage channels of the eye.

SLT can be used in the following situations:

  1. 1st line treatment for many types of glaucoma
  2. As an "extra therapy" if drops are not working well enough
  3. To replace glaucoma drops (in some cases)

SLT Laser Process

  1. If Dr. Lane feels SLT would help you, an appointment would be booked.
  2. If both eyes are done, they are booked 1 week apart.
  3. You will be given a prescription for eye drops: (to start immediately after the laser)
    • Prednisolone 1% every 2hrs x 1 day, then 4x/day x 1week
  4. On the day of the SLT laser, Dr. Lane's assistants will put drops in your eyes which take 30mins to work, before the laser.
  5. The laser will be done (takes about 1 minute, and is painless)
  6. 30 mins after the laser Dr. Lane will check your intraocular pressure
  7. Dr. Lane will advise you about what to do with your glaucoma drops, and an appointment will be made for 6 weeks

Patient Information Video