Discharge Instructions for Cataract Patients

General Post-Operative Instructions

It is our wish that your recovery be as comfortable as possible. It is for this purpose that we offer the following advice:

  1. You should not be left alone for several hours upon returning home.

  1. You should not drive a car or operate machinery, until Dr. Lane states that you can.

  1. You should limit activity requiring full concentration power, e.g. making significant personal or business decisions, since full mental alertness may not return for several hours.

  1. You should not drink any alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours following your procedure since alcohol may influence the effects of the drugs which have been given.

  1. You should eat lightly for the first meal following your procedure.

  1. You should avoid strenuous activity and do not bump your eye.

  1. If you feel unwell or are concerned for any reason about your condition, please contact Dr. Lane's office or go to the Emergency Department of the Hospital.

Dr. Lane's Directions For Patients After Eye Surgery

  1. Do not lift more than 20lbs. for 1 week.

  1. If the light is uncomfortable, wear dark glasses, with or without your own glasses.

  1. If possible have someone else put the medication in your eye(s). It is best done with you lying down on your back. Put two drops between the eyelids, close to the nose. Open your eyes, and the drops will run in themselves. Do not pull on the eyelids. Dab gently with a tissue around the eye.

  1. If you use glaucoma drops, start them in the operated eye one day after the surgery with a FRESH BOTTLE.

  1. If you are having discomfort within 24 hours of surgery, you may take a Tylenol tablet every 4 hours (if you are not allergic to Tylenol).

  1. You can wash your hair one day after the surgery, but be careful not to allow soap into the operated eye.

  1. You may watch TV or read, if you wish.