Cataract Surgery Process

Initial office visit

Day of surgery

You should not eat or drink after midnight before the day of surgery. You may take all your medications on the morning of surgery with a small sip of water. You come to the EYE CENTRE at the Ross Memorial Hospital at the planned time. A nurse will make sure your paper work is in order and will prepare you for surgery.

1 Day post-op office visit

In the morning, you take off the eye shield and start the drops yourself. You will see Dr. Lane in his office so that he can check your eye.

1 week appointment

Dr. Lane will perform a final check on your eye, and you will receive information on how to taper your drops. At this point you should make an appointment with your optometrist in about 1 month for new glasses

4-6 week optometrist visit

Your optometrist will check your eyes and prescribe new glasses

Laser after cataract surgery

The modern cataract surgery methods allow the implant to rest in the clear bag that used to hold your cataract. Sometimes the cataract leaves a “haze” on this bag, which can be cleared easily with a laser. Also, even if the bag is initially clear, with time, it can become hazy.

The laser is done at Dr. Lane's office. There are no restrictions before the laser and no restrictions after the laser. The laser takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to perform. It is painless.