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Frequently Asked Questions

Once my cataract is fixed, will it ever come back?

  • No

I have had my cataract fixed. Why do I now need a laser treatment?

  • The modern way of doing cataract surgery is place the implantinside the clear bag that used to hold the cataract (this is a normalpart of your eye). With time, this bag becomes hazy. Also, some typesof cataracts leave a haze on this bag at the time of surgery. The laserclears the haze to make sure you have the best possible vision. Thehaze does not return.
  • There are no physical restrictions before or after the laser. It takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to do, and is painless.

I have had cataract surgery, when can I resume normal activities?

  • The day after surgery, it is fine to bend over, and to wash your hair. After 1 week there are no physical restrictions.
  • With regard to driving, wait until Dr. Lane says you may do so (most of the time this is 1 week after surgery).

Is modern cataract surgery done with laser?

  • Femto laser cataract surgery - a new specialized form of cataract surgery.
  • Dr. Lane will examine your eyes and discuss with you whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of laser surgery.

How can I make an appointment to see Dr. Lane?

  • Your optometrist or family doctor needs to fax a referral to Dr. Lane’s office at (705) 320-8082
  • Dr. Lane’s office will then contact your optometrist or family doctor with an appointment date and time

Once I am Dr. Lane’s patient, do I still need a referral to see him again?

  • Yes, if it is for a new problem or more then 1 year has passed since your last visit
  • No, if you see Dr. Lane for an ongoing problem (i.e. glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, …...)

Which services are not covered by OHIP?

  • Filling out forms, writing letters
  • IOL Master (new more accurate test for implant power measurement)

If I have a problem after hours, or on the weekend, where do I go?

  • Go to your nearest emergency dept.
  • There is an ophthalmologist on call 24hrs a day every day

Does Dr. Lane do regular eye check ups and check for glasses?

  • No, you would see your optometrist for these services

What are the visual requirements for driving?

  • For a G class license (driving a car) in Ontario, one must see20/50 or better with both eyes open, and have a horizontal visual fieldof at least 120 degrees with both eyes open

Can I drive if I have only 1 eye?

  • Yes, provided you meet the above standard

My driver’s license has been suspended due to poor vision. How do I get my license back from the Ministry of Transport?

  • If your vision problem is corrected (i.e. cataract surgery),your optometrist would then check you for new glasses and send a formto the Ministry (this service is not covered by OHIP)